The specialty is engaged in the mesh fabric weaving


1.proficient in all kinds of warp knitting process of the net;

2.manufacturing enterprises, upgrade ability of warp knitting machine;

3.strict management system, ISO9001 international quality system certification;

4.the product sells in distant markets overseas

5.its own testing equipment and technology


Application of a wide range, quality assured


Attentively weaving each foot net

Changzhou longlongsheng-net Co., Ltd. is a professional mesh fabric weaving class professional company, products widely used in farming, sports, family, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and military aspects.
In addition to its sophisticated equipment made by weaving with a sound and effective quality management system, the company's biggest advantage is the ability to transform the powerful machinery!  MORE+
Mesh fabric directly affect the appearance of the thriving knitting industry

Mesh cloth knitted textile value

Mesh, mesh cloth appear directly affects the thriving knitting industry, mesh large area display lif


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